Sonntag, 14. November 2010

13. One Hell of a Demon - This Demon has a good day...

Today I spent my day at work...after that I met Zukki and Panda-Aki again and we went to Kentucky fried Chicken.
We´ve eaten something and waited for sano.
After Sano joined the round came some other girls...
I just known one of them.
well afterwards (and after Zukki realized that she wanted to help Panda-Aki)
I drove alone to Hiro´s home.
I was nervous end felt really...strange, but I was so unbelievable happy when Hiro called me to ask
if I came.
We watched a talent show and afterwards we made a lil OZ-Evening.
That´s the reason of the OZ-Pic above it was taken on Halloween and it´s sooo funny.

Anyway...I am happy that the day went well.
It´s getting better...I think

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