Montag, 6. Dezember 2010

36.1. One Hell of a Demon - This Demon got a call

Today I had a call of a close friend.
Anyway there were many things between us. And after an argument there was nearly no communication between us. There were things this person won´t understand, won´t see....but it´s ok.
I can live with it.
But I will never live again 7 years just to hope and make everything and living with a "maybe"
I cannot live with a maybe.
I didn´t said anything, didn´t wanted a decision coz I thought I would take your freedom.
It was a mistake....and the one who has to live with it is me.
well....after that call....I´s wrong to call you seemed a lot like it, coz this person shows me so much emotions, aggressions that I thought it is like that. It was because this person didn´t talked to me.
Now I know why he changed his name, and it´s ok ... i can understand it.
And I also understand why he reacts like that.

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